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Gold 74.9 Institute of Jugglology
Silver 63.7 Duck & Cover
Bronze 42.3 The Nine Hips

This graph shows the breakdown of categories for each competitor:


Note: the above graph shows the scores before deductions for going over time.  Institute of Jugglology had a 1-point deduction for going 1 second over – however, that deduction did not affect the final ranking.  (The rules state that the time deduction is 1 point for 1 to 10 seconds over, 4 points up to 20 seconds, 9 up to 30, 16 up to 40, 25 up 50, 36 up to 60, and disqualification over 60.)

And here's the full spreadsheet with all the raw data, broken down by competitor or by judge, and including a graph similar to the above that shows how each judge scored the competitors.

Note that the numbering of judges from 1 to 7 is different for Juniors than for Teams/Individuals (but the same across Teams and Individuals).