Thanks to all participants in the 2016 stage championships!

Here are the final scores for each competitor in each competition.

For more details on where these numbers came from (including some fancy graphs), click into the page for each competition.

Gold 85.70 Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse
Silver 70.60 Christopher Haaser
Bronze 67.00 Bennett Santora
58.60 Daniel Van Hoomissen

Gold 81.50 Jonglissimo
Silver 75.30 Totchees
Bronze 65.90 Aki and Takeru
59.80 Balance-in-Motion

Gold 87.10 Hiroki Kamei
Silver 69.10 Jorden Moir
Bronze 67.70 Scott Sorensen
66.20 Josh Horton
62.80 Sam Malcolm
58.90 Geoffrey Marsh
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